The International Penal Legion

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Name: The International Penal legion
CRRA designation: Special Committee Entomologists
Specialization: Experimental Weaponry
Role: Containment and extermination


The International Penal Legion used to be part of the French Colonial Administration. After the Battle of Leipzig, when Prussian soldiers marched into Paris, the Academy D'Aeronautic was destroyed by members of its own staff. It was assumed all knowledge gathered there was destroyed in the fires.
However, it turned out the Imperial Administration has set up various test sites for the Academy and the prototypes developed there were shipped away to French Guiana, under the assumption the League wouldn't look there. In the 1850s when the prison colony on Chayenne was established, the researchers decided to use its convicts in experiments. Testing various drugs, medical equipment, and 'security systems'. One of these systems is the so-called "Guillotine S├Ęche" or "Guillot". These are radio-controlled explosive neck collars worn by the convicts who volunteer for the Penal Legion.

When in 1854 a Void breach occurred, a 'volunteered' army of convicts sent in with prototype weaponry to contain the threat. Since then convicts can volunteer to hunt down remaining Outsiders that still emerge from the area.
Confident the new security system would keep the penal troops in line, the French Government allowed the Legion to be deployed in other colonies. When the media uncovered the existence of these troops it was internationally condemned. The French government instead offered
the services to the CRRA, under the condition the legion is allowed to develop their weapons and contain the threat in Guinea as well as other French holdings.


Special Committee Entomologists' deployment is part of the so-called Campari Protocol. The measures that are part of the containment of a P-10 site were found to be too much of a strain on Associates and regular forces. The psychology of many of the Penal troops in Special Committee Entomologists however turned out to be ideal. Suffice to say, Special Committee Entomologists aren't well-liked.

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