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By Stvarnov

Hello fellow travelers
I have some wonderful updates for you all. All goes well, our first novel 'The Wrench in the Machine' and comic 'S-36: The Call Girl' should be published in September. First the comic, which is the prequel, followed by the novel some weeks later.

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by BonsartBonsart 02 Oct 2020 08:59

This is the Chief Librarius Blog updates on the sites are added. Submit your ideas, suggestions, compliments here.

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By Staranger

"In 1873, Inspector Ol’Barrow of Dover’s borough police is still coming to terms with the advent of the radio dramas, when he is confronted by a murder mystery. During their investigation, he and his colleague Bigsby come eye to eye with an assassin with otherworldly origins.
Spurred on by his sense of duty and a desire to redeem himself, inspector Ol’Barrow collaborates with a clandestine organization called The Association of Ishtar They claim to be mere advisors who aid the authorities with the containment of anomalies known as Rifts. These are harmless gateways to other worlds, but also provide access to the many threats that lurk inside the multiverse.
Ol'Barrow's eyes are opened to a reality in which Napoleon used alien weapons to bombard England. Companies are developing out-of-this-world technology. And worst of all, everyone takes the progress it created for granted. Humanity is advancing into an increasingly technocratic future. Where will it end? As far as certain groups are concerned, biology is a dead end, and humanity needs to ascend."

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‘Bonjour, madame,’ the chairman greeted her, looking up. ‘Mind if I come in? This cold is wreaking havoc on my constitution.’
‘You must be from the Association,’ she responded, dismayed. ‘My grandfather was very clear in his response.’
‘And we were very clear that he didn’t have a choice. Now, considering the fact you didn’t use that gun emplacement by the landing pad, you are alone?’
‘My grandfather is old. There is little you can threaten him with.’
‘Threaten? Oh, non, madame. Vous avez mal compris. I am here to make him an offer.’

What is the 7th Chairman up to?

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