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Hello everyone,

I have some wonderful updates for you all. All goes well, our first novel 'The Wrench in the Machine' and comic 'S-36: The Call Girl' should be published in September. First the comic, which is the prequel, followed by the novel some weeks later.

Also, we are expecting our first AoI-story submission by author Mark Brandon (The Colossus of The Thames & Other Tales )

Exciting stuff!

On the costume front, events are happening again in Europe and we will be attending all the Annotopia's in Germany. Might you be looking for a group active in the Netherlands and Germany, leave us a message.

AoI: August Updates by BonsartBonsart, 28 Aug 2021 08:17

Thanks to our supporters on Subscribestar I attempted to upgrade our account. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Even though the subscription for the account was received by Wikidot, the account has not been upgraded.
The reply from Wikidot is an apology and three additional months of subscription for free.

Happ ending then?
Unfortunately, the upgrade still hasn't been activated. I tried reaching out to the owner for weeks, but no response of any kind. I complained to the community board, but they couldn't help.

Then somebody pointed me at this thread

It appears that Wikidot is offered up for sale, and the owner is bothering any more.
Let's hope the new owners are more forthcoming.

Issues with the Website by BonsartBonsart, 05 Mar 2021 10:20

So, I had this idea for a story based on the Pied Piper.

Anyone any ideas for a general ability this creature has.

In the story S-17: The Colour of Aether there are references to particular events.

One of them involves an S-17 who uses her ability to track down Rifts and sell them to the highest bidder.

The second knew about a forming Rift, but didn't tell anyone about it until it was too late.

Anyone is free to use these examples for their stories.

Anyone else ideas on how to use S-17 in entries?

Stories involving S-17 by BonsartBonsart, 02 Dec 2020 11:29

Although the Association of Ishtar is not registered yet, here is a list of intended rules regarding copyright and Creative Commons (CC).

- The Association of Ishtar and related stories, characters, etc. will fall under Creative Commons.
- The Association of Ishtar will be trademarked to prevent what happened to the SCP Foundation.
- The authors are the rightsholder to their own stories and other creative works, but can be transformed or reinterpreted into other media, such as artwork or audiobooks. However, copying stories whole cloth without crediting the original artist remains plagiarism.
- Any Character, Object, Phenomenon that are part of the Association of Ishtar, etc. can be used by other creators within the context of the Association of Ishtar.

- Due to the intended audience and the use of CC, we do not allow any submission of a sexually-explicit nature.

- By adding stories for the Association of Ishtar, you have agreed with all of the above.

A note regarding the conduct
Yes, you are free to use anything from the AoI collection in your own Association of Ishtar stories and art work. However, when using concepts, characters, etc. created by other authors or artists, it is the decent thing to ask their permission or link their stories, or give them a shoutout.

Legal Stuff by BonsartBonsart, 02 Dec 2020 09:03

I remember that name being used for a project by Special Committee Icarus.

Special Committee Icarus observes the nights sky for any Anomalies and Monitor the Elysium object.

Special Committee Icarus by BonsartBonsart, 01 Dec 2020 12:26

Starting point for weaponry could be:

  • Webley .303, six shot revolver,
  • Lee-Enfield .303 carbine rifle,
  • Whitworth .303 sharpshooter rifle

Any other ideas guys?

Re: Concept for the Nimrod by Vasari7Vasari7, 30 Nov 2020 21:08
Concept for the Nimrod by BonsartBonsart, 30 Nov 2020 18:54

Can I propose a name for the Academy?
I would suggest it be called the Daedalus Academy.

"Within the multiverse exists countless worlds or timelines, depending on how you look at it, which are connected to our own. The Rifts are the gates to these worlds. These other worlds are called Planes. Most are feral places to which humans are but aliens. Some are devoid of life. Others are teeming with… something else.

But those of most interest are those that do contain humans. We have found civilizations with histories so similar to our own it is… Unsettling… Yes, a matter a fact you could encounter alternate versions of yourself… We even found relics with the purpose to do so. I heard of some Associates who managed to confiscate such a relic from a carnival… No, I would not advise doing such a thing.

For secrecy and administrative purposes with giving each explored world a number, like Plane 54 or Plane 127. Boring I know, but really how many different names can you make up for a timeline was the Napoleonic Empire is still standing or where humanity didn't advance past the Iron Age. If these Plane, or rather its inhabitants, pose a threat or contain items of interest. If these Plane, or rather its inhabitants, pose a threat or contain items of interest however we do give them names for practical purposes. And no, I won't tell you why."

-Dr. Sherry

Overview of Planes which are of particular interest to The Association


'Atlas' (Plane-0): Codename used by the Association to refer to their Plane of Origin.

'Eden': A hypothetical plane that is being sought after by members of various religions and cults. Apart from personal testimonies and scriptures the Association cannot confirm nor deny its existence.

'Elysium': A massive object in the orbit of 'Atlas' (and only Atlas as far as The Association is aware). The origins, age, or even if this object is created by humans is unknown. Archaeologists have discovered references and drawings dating back to the age of the Hunter-Gatherers. Regardless, It inspired religions and scientists to reach for the heavens. Napoleon Bonaparte created the Academy D'Aéronautique (1805) for the development of aircraft and even ordered the construction of a canon to fire manned shells at the structure, unfortunately, this project was destroyed after his defeat at Leipzig in 1814 and the plans were never recovered. In 1825 the Comet II was launched, from the Tower of Babel Launch-platform in the Atlantic Ocean, but it disappeared mid-flight. Many believe this to be the cause of the appearance of the Rifts. whether there is a relationship between the Rifts and Elysium is considered unlikely. But its otherworldly qualities can not be denied.

'Hades' (Plane-54): The Plane is considered an Alpha-threat Biohazard due to the presence of P-54. For now, it is believed only small pockets of uninfected humans remain in special shelters in some of this world's capitals. Surviving infected is probably insane and extremely dangerous. The Rift to Plane-54 is permanently guarded by volunteers with decontaminating- and other safety-equipment. Despite the risks, Plane-054 contains a vast knowledge of contagions, genetics, and Biological Warfare. The few books recovered inspired new fields of study and might advance the Medical Sciences on Atlas by close to a century.

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The Special Committees and RA


As a concept, a 'Special Committee' can be a bit confusing. This is in part intentional. Originally it was a colloquial term for teams of Doctors or Associates occupied with a specific task, or who were specialists of sorts. Examples of these groups are Special Committee Antiquarians and Special Committee Icarus
However, the term also refers to third parties with skills and equipment that are beyond the Association's scope or abilities, especially military force projection. The Regulatory Board on Rift Related Activities (RA) has agreed with the formation of various organizations who are occupied with 'Rift Containment' or 'Rif Management'. In this context, they are allowed to use military force under certain conditions. One of these is Project Bellerophon, aka Special Committee Hussars, and The International Penal Legion, aka Special Committee Entomologists.
As Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence organizations, the Association always been the proverbial spider on the web and has a mandate to deploy these Special Committees, as long they can justify their actions to RA.

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I imagine each nation has their own selection process. Then candidates from those selections.
I can imagine there is a lot of politicking going on in that regard who gets to send how many people.
But it is also one of those things not to be to specific about so other writers have a bit of freedom, would it ever be relevant.

An in-depth description of The Special Committees has been adding, including a full description of Project Bellerophon. If you want to create your own Special Committee page ask Bonsart

Special Committees by BonsartBonsart, 11 Oct 2020 18:46
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