Welcome to the early version of the Association of Ishtar wiki. We hope to create a writing community where people can create independently, yet loosely connected worlds. If you have questions or want to contact us, go to the bottom of the page.


When it comes to Steampunk we are already familiar with all the tropes. Tophat, time travel. Cogs and Clockwork. The purpose of this Wiki is to present various worlds, ideas, and characters in a short format that follow a template that is explained in How to Submit. All these stories are from the perspective of the Association of Ishtar, who hails from an alternate version of Earth, codenamed Atlas.

The Story Entries

The Associates record their discoveries, adventures, and covert operations in files that fall in one of four categories: Subjects (S), Constructs (C), Phenomenon (P), and Planes. All these files are related topics of particular interest to the Association because A. these are a threat to the population of Atlas, or B. they can aid in the security of the world of Atlas against 'interplaner threats'.

Subjects refer to sentient entities, biological or otherwise, who have their own motivations.
Constructs refer to created objects, mechanical or otherwise, that are (presumed to be) not sentient.
Phenomenon by some considered to be the 'Other Catagory' can refer to any events, anomalies, or even objects that the Association has encountered. Some of the most notable of these are P-5 Travelers Bane and P-10 Void Breaches, because of their frequency and lethality.
Planes are worlds that exist in parallel universes that can be accessed through Rifts. These versions of Earth can be alive or dead. Civilized or Rural. Primitive or highly advanced. In these files, writers can describe their world through the eyes of an outsider looking in.

Creative Commons

Be aware, this series falls under creative commons, meaning you own the rights to your story. Everyone else is allowed to use your concepts, characters, or reference events that happened in your tale, within the context of the Association of Ishtar. People are also allowed to transform your work into other media, like audiobooks.
However, we encourage creators to ask the writers permission to use their characters, etc. And of course, credit the original creators.

This is a work in Progress. On this Wiki we intend to create sections on

- the main concept of the Multiverse
- the Association of Ishtar
- Short stories that follow a file format in one of four categories. Subjects, Constructs, phenomenon, and Planes
- normal short stories that can take place anywhere in the Multiverse
- Series of ongoing stories

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