A Friendly Warning

To you,

We care not for your name, for it will soon be erased. You have chosen to challenge us. Something drove you to this decision. It was your last.
You seem to be under the assumption that, we serve. That we follow the marching orders like mere lackeys of, what you refer to as, the “Status Quo”.

First of all, we do not serve anyone. We merely protect the order that is. Not out of some deep conviction. But because we have seen the alternatives, and did not appreciate the outcome.
But your biggest misconception, Sir, or Madame, is: We do not follow orders.

We don’t have handlers, or commanders. We do not follow procedure, or wait for instruction. We are free agents, bound by oath and honor. We act, and are held accountable.

I will explain to you what that means.

We have no patients for your kind. We don’t care about what you want, when you want it, or why. We care how you do it. And your methods have attracted the ire of the Association.
No Associate has to go after you. There is no coercion, or an authority who can make them. But there is a will, a desire to do so.

We are coming.

When you find another comrade strangled in his bed, know that the rope that garroted him left its imprints inside an associate’s hands.

When one of your comrades gets his fingernail pulled, know that they are ripped out with the utmost conviction.

Know that, when you comrades are floating lifeless down the river, the last thing they saw was the beaked mask of an apostle of Ishtar.

We don’t give quarter, and do not follow orders.

See you soon.

Associate 82

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