The Association of Ishtar

Weekly workshops

Struggling with writing? Not sure how to explore a story concept? Or just looking for a writing group?
We now do weekly workshops for beginners on the Discord, that you can join at any time. The End goal is the write an entry for the Association of Ishtar


Current Times
Monday's 8 AM UTC
Thursday's 7 PM UTC

Workshop 1: Beginner's Traps
Workshop 2: Sentence structure
Workshop 3: Show Don't Tell

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This wiki is being developed so that it can be used as a template for writers members that want to stories of their own. If you have some ideas to share and want to help make this wiki better, you can join the site and start contributing straight away!

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Featured Article: the-arkology-reports-p

‘Bonjour, madame,’ the chairman greeted her, looking up. ‘Mind if I come in? This cold is wreaking havoc on my constitution.’
‘You must be from the Association,’ she responded, dismayed. ‘My grandfather was very clear in his response.’
‘And we were very clear that he didn’t have a choice. Now, considering the fact you didn’t use that gun emplacement by the landing pad, you are alone?’
‘My grandfather is old. There is little you can threaten him with.’
‘Threaten? Oh, non, madame. Vous avez mal compris. I am here to make him an offer.’

What is the 7th Chairman up to?

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